Preparing for EHO – Level 1

An environmental health officer is responsible for carrying out inspections to businesses. They assess compliance with environmental health legislation and offer support to business to make sure the operate in a safe and legal way. An EHO officer has the following powers:
  • To enter the premises at any time
  • To carry out an inspection and be assisted in that inspection
  • To seize and retain any items dangerous to health
  • To prescribe any actions that the business must undertake to bring the business up to standard
  • To immediately close the business where there is a severe danger to public health.
Following an EHO inspection in Scotland, they will grant the business a Pass or Fail status. Elsewhere the in the UK they grant a 1-5 star rating. During and EHO visit the following areas of the business will be inspected:
  • Safe food practices (food production, storage and service)
  • Premises and environment (general building condition, maintenance and cleanliness) 
  • Safety management (safety policies and risk management)
If somebody approaches you and introduces themself as an Environmental Health Officer:
  • Don't Panic
  • Ask to see their ID
  • Direct them to a seat while you get the manager on duty.
Samantha Golding · September 7, 2023
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