Keys and float from reception (Sign out float -see float Diary stored at Molly’s station)

Lights on

Divide float £100.00 between WS1 AMD WS2

Bar shutter up

Glass washer on

Music on

Speed rail and Taps  set up

Fruit and cocktail station set up

Jugs set up ready for service

Check  stock has been done the night before, depending on day bring extra stock that maybe required (Busy Saturday?)

Fill ‘ice well’

Ensure coffee station is set up-Top up coffee beans/cups/milk jugs/saucers/Top up milk in fridge

Top up sauces/fish plates/cutlery -Ensure Service station is set up

Take butters from walk in fridge in Molly’s kitchen an leave on service station

Check tables are set for bookings

Ensure menus are clean

Check all tables are clean and floor has been washed and mopped properly make sure bases of tables are clean

Unlock Molly’s side entrance, switch on light, sweep and mop the side entrance

Open side entrance and Molly’s main door and doors leading to the Hotel

Sweep and mop main entrance









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