Induction into reservations

Direct bookings – these are the best kind of bookings we can get either over the phone or by email as the hotel gets the money directly.

Corporate – Corporate bookings will come through mostly from companies that we know but sometimes a new account will be asked to me made. These bookings are great also as payment will be direct to the hotel.

Agent bookings – A lot of companies book rooms via a travel agency as the agent can keep track of there personnel especially if they have to get a lot of flights etc. Travel agencies will charge the hotel a commission of usually 8% + VAT (10%) of the total amount of accommodation.

Leisure – These bookings are mainly at the weekend or easter holidays etc for people coming into Aberdeen. These are the kind of guests who are likely to spend money within the hotel and we can upsell things to especially if they have an advanced booking where it has been paid for, people tend not to think about adding something extra into the rooms since they have pre paid it.

OTA’s (Online Travel agency) – The two that we use are and Expedia. A lot of bookings for both leisure and corporate will come through these. Expedia ( offer a points scheme for people. These are the main bookings that we need to convert from booking online to booking directly with us preferably by phone or email as we pay nothing. If they book on the hotel website we pay a fee of £4.50.


Market/source/origin codes

These codes are very important in order for the hotel to populate the correct figures with which type of guests we have staying. Some of these will be selected automatically but some you will need to think about the booking.

Market – How did the booking come through to the hotel.

Source – How was the booking made

Origin – How was it received by the hotel


Direct bookings:

Should be asked if it is a private or company booking therefore you know what to select. Should the guest be coming for anything apart from work:

Market – lei (leisure)

Source – GDRT (guest Direct)


Work then it should be:

Market – cor (business direct)

Source – GDRT (guest direct)

Try and get the company name from the guest and pass on, we maybe able to get more       business from them.


Online bookings:

You can tell by the days booked if it is business or leisure and will sometimes tell you as the guest has the option to select this.

If it is a business booking:

Market –  ONL (online booking)

Source – WEB (online travel agency)


Leisure booking

Market – LEI

Source – ONL


Hotelrez bookings:

If this is a travel agency booking then it should be

Market – TA (Travel Agency)

Source – GDS (Global Distribution System)


Guest booking directly on the hotel website. This depends on dates again.

Market – ONL or LEI

Source – OWEB (own website)

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