Welcome to the Aberdeen Douglas Hotel

Aberdeen Douglas Hotel is a timeless landmark in the city centre located within the historic Merchant Quarter. Built at the height of the Victorian Era it has a long tradition and connection to the people of Aberdeen. This is a hotel brimming with personality and stories to tell, contemporary designed, elegantly decorated with a familiar, easy charm that makes guests feel right at home.

An independent hotel, proprietors Robert Keane and Mary Martin share the one goal to deliver the finest traditional hospitality and the best possible experience to guests to ensure they have a memorable time with us.

Whatever your role in the hotel you are ultimately contributing to the service that is delivered to each of our guests. The needs of our guests are varied and continuously changing, you therefore need to be able to identify what you can do to help meet and exceed their expectations.

The training has been constructed so as to give you a step by step guide on the various areas and procedures you will encounter day to day.

‘The steps to success’ will help you to gain knowledge you need to further your progression within the hospitality industry

I look forward to working alongside you and being a part of your journey and I hope that your time at Aberdeen Douglas hotel is an enjoyable one


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