You should follow these steps to help prevent fires:

Before you use any electrical appliances carry out a quick check to make sure that the cables, plugs etc are not damaged

Do not use any electrical equipment that shows signs of damage, even if you think it is only minor. Report any faults to the Duty Manager and find an alternative appliance

Ensure that you place your rubbish in the proper waste bins. Do not overfill the bins, and ensure that your waste bin is accessible to the cleaners at the end of the day


Action to take in the event of a Fire

  • Immediately stop what you are doing and walk (DO NOT RUN) to the nearest available safe fire exit. If your nearest fire exit/ route is obstructed, choose another route. Make sure that you are aware of the fire exits and routes in your area
  • Follow the instructions of your designated Fire Warden
  • Direction signs should indicate the route to your fire exit. These comprise of a white arrow on a green background sometimes accompanied by the word ‘FIRE EXIT’ and also a pictogram of a running man. The arrow indicates the direction of the nearest fire exit
  • Do not use the lift to leave the building -always use designated stairs
  • Make your way to the ‘Muster point’-Guest Car Park- Shiprow
  • Once you are at the ‘Muster point’ you should report to the fire warden, so that they can account for the people in their designated area
  • Do not leave the ‘Muster point’ or attempt to re enter the building until you have been instructed to do so by the Fire warden

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