Points covered:

• Introduction
• Programme objectives
• Wine service moments
• Wine service moments
• Customer service scenario exercise
• Summarise and recap key learning points


By the end of this training you will be able to describe and demonstrate how to serve wine with
confidence and to explain why it is important to use it in your role according to company policy.
Improving your wine knowledge can have benefits all-round:

• Develop personal knowledge
• Increased profits
• Potentially more ££ in tips
• Improved customer service
• Easier and less stressful to talk about wine
• Enjoyable relaxed experience
• Trust the waiter and thus the
• Opportunity to try something new

Wine Service Moments

1. First order:
• Make sure wine lists are given or pointed out to the guest
• Take drink order within 2-3 minutes
• Ask if the guest needs any help in choosing wine
2. Theatre of wine
• Present the wine to the customer for approval
• Open the wine in front of the guest and wipe the top of the bottle if needed
• Offer the opportunity to taste the wine
• If the wine is rejected, replace it without question
• When accepted, pour the wine, ending with the person who tasted the wine
• Fill the glasses to the widest point and use coolers or ice buckets if needed
3. Follow up
• Go back to the table to top up wine
• Always ask if another bottle is required immediately after the first one is finishedNavigating the Wine List
Delicate and Dry Full and Fruity
• Pinot Grigio • Chardonnay (California/Australia)
• Chablis • White Burgundy (Meursault)
• Chenin Blanc • Viognier
• Sauvignon Blanc • Torrontes
• Soave/Frascati/Orvieto
• Muscadet
Light and Lively Big and Bold
• Beaujolais • Rioja
• Pinot Noir • Syrah/Shiraz
• Valpolicella • Cabernet Sauvignon
• Chianti • Merlot
• Tempranillo • Malbec
• Pinotage

Simple food and wine matching
Food style Wine Style
Heavy or rich food (Game roast, meats,
Red: Big & Bold
White: Full and Fruity
Food matches well
Lighter food (delicate white meat or fish) White: Delicate and dry
Wine won’t overpower the food
Intensely spiced food (curries, chillies) White: Full and Fruity
Red: Big and Bold
Fruity wines cut through big flavours
Acidic food (tomato based sauces, foods with
citric fruits, apples or vinegar)
Red: Light and Lively
Balances the acidic nature of the food
Creamy, fried food (cream sauce, stir fries, fish
and chips)
White: Delicate and Dry
Cuts through the richnes

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