Suggestive Sales and recommendations


-What drinks are we having?

-What drinks would you like?

Which cocktails do you fancy to start?

What wine are we thinking?

What particular drink do you have in mind to go with that?

-What do you drink normally?

Let me suggest maybe ‘x’ (Drink) which would go well with the ‘x’ (Ingredient/flavour) in your main course

You could have ‘x’ which would complement the ‘x’ (Ingredient/flavour) in ‘x’ (dish) really well too

I would absaloutly recommend a glass of ‘x’ to go with ‘that’ the flavours really work well together and if anything add to the overall taste

If you have never had a good red wine with one of our steaks/ specific dish, I would without a doubt suggest ‘x’

Let’s try a round of ‘x’ to start

Pre dinner drinks -what are we having?

And for yourself?

Same again?




-What sort of flavours do  you like? Well then the ‘x’ is the one for you without a doubt

-I am the same I loved the taste of this when we tried it ourselves. Shall we try that?

-Now depending on your appetite I would either suggest you have the ‘x’ (side) or the ‘x’ (side) to go with that

-One is a little larger-if you reckon you have the room, but the other one is just as good to go with but a little lighter

-What sides can I get you?

-Perhaps some sides to share

-That is a great dish ‘x’ (Side/sauce) completes it if you are not sure what to go for?

Why not some sides to share?

Can I suggest a salad with that?

Which veg would you like with that…..we have….

Which sauce would you like with your steak…I can recommend the…..

You have a choice of sauce available to you with that, my personnel favourite is……’x’

Have you eaten with us before? In which case if you are unsure as to what we have, our ‘x’ is what we are known for

Well if you are feeling too full for a desert, how about a light after dinner cocktail

Can I suggest the cheese, nice light option as you can pick at it (even share if you wanted to)

The Ice creams and sorbets are are nice and light  but lots of great flavours

I will leave these dessert menus with you and come back in a few minutes, no rush. We have a really clean fresh sorbet, its a great pallet cleanser and the sweetness will probably be quite welcome after the richness in the ‘x’ main dish


Conversation starters at the bar

-Hi welcome- Can I ask are you dining with us this evening?

No– Do you have plans for dinner tonight then?…Here is our menu I can talk you through the sort of dishes you might like

Yes- Great-here is our menu, have a look through while you enjoying these drinks if you like? I have  tasted almost everything on there so let me know once you have had a look and have any questions 

I have Informed the restaurant manager that you have arrived are are enjoying your drinks, there is no rush but I will come by in another 10 minutes or so in case you have any questions about the menu and can take your order if you are ready so your starters can get underway while your relaxing at the bar

Have you ever dined with us before? We have availability in the restaurant why don’t I get you a menu to look at?

Great so I will take


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